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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Branco: On Poetic Justice

A Branco Cartoon posted today at Western

How One Priest Discovered the Extraordinary Life

From Brian Williams,The Liturgy Guy Blog:
The following guest post is by Rev. Jeffrey R. Keyes, a Roman Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Santa Rosa, California. Father Keyes was born in 1953, ordained in 1991, and serves at the Cathedral in Santa Rosa. He is also chaplain for the Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa, and teaches Scripture and Church history at Cardinal Newman High School.

I personally had no desire to learn how to offer the Extraordinary Form. My intention was to celebrate the Ordinary Form in the manner that Sacrosanctum Concilium imagined it: in Latin, with English readings and orations. If it stayed the same Mass after Mass it would be in Latin. If it was for this mass only it would be in English. Of course, Mass would be celebrated “ad orientem.”
I learned the Extraordinary Form because a bishop asked me to, telling me that there were 100 families in the region asking for it. So in 2012 I celebrated my first Extraordinary Form Mass. On a two week vacation I celebrated in the Extraordinary Form every day so that I could really learn it and be comfortable with it.
Three things happened.
First, it completely transformed my priesthood and it affected the way I celebrated the Ordinary Form. Every Mass became completely Christocentric. Many people recognized this and it caused a greater spirit of prayer in believers.

Secondly, boys who served the mass began to think of vocations to the priesthood. Ordinary boys who would play and roughhouse with great abandon became little soldiers of Christ with great seriousness in the celebration of the Mass.
Thirdly, it caused a reaction of visceral anger and anguish on the part of liberals who were now convinced that I was completely nuts. Their angry letters caused my provincial superior to judge me in a manner that had little relation to reality. So from 3000 miles away he made decisions which changed the nature of the parish and disrupted my life. And I am grateful because I landed in a place that appreciates the Extraordinary Form, that loves reverent prayer, and even has 24/7 adoration. And I am no longer subject to that provincial.

This post originally appeared at Fr. Jeffrey Keyes website and is reprinted here with his permission. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Liturgy Guy: A Brief History of the Roman Rite

The following guest post was written by Fr. Donald L. Kloster, a priest of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut who has served (for over 6 years) as the pastor of 36,000 faithful in the poorer parish of Maria Inmaculada Eucarisitica in the Archdiocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Father Kloster graduated from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary Philadelphia, PA in 1995, having completed his Master’s Thesis in Moral Theology. He is a native of Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1989. In addition, Fr. Kloster spent two years as a student (and then novice) at the 7th century est. Benedictine Abbey of Disentis, Switzerland.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fr. Z: Bullying the little guy

Bullying the little guy.

For decade after decade a liberal elite dominated the mass media. People hardly knew it, the domination was so pervasive and complete.  Then, slowly but surely, a few conservatives clawed their way past the massive machine of opposition.   So, it came to pass that some conservative (sane) talk radio hosts and cable news broadcasts managed to get a new voice into the public square.   The libs were not happy.   They still are not happy. All manner of lib trickery was attempted to silence the unwanted alternative voice in the public square which they had dominated for so long without opposition.  It didn’t work.  With the growth of the internet, the whole game has changed.
Right now, in Catholic media, the same thing is going on.  The libs have had near total domination of large Catholic media outlets.  The domination was so complete that barely anyone knew that they were being fed soul-annihilation.   Small but faithful outlets such as The Wanderer kept a fingernail’s hold on the edge of the Catholic public square, as did a few others.  Then voices such as Mother Angelica managed to claw their way through the opposition.  People, who suddenly had an alternative, began to wake up.  The libs were and are not happy. With the growth of the internet, they have no chance to maintain their uncontested hegemony.
You can tell how angry and frightened the catholic liberal Left is right now by how they are rushing higgledy-piggeldy to defend the claim that homosexual acts are really not so bad after all.  THAT, friends, is the issue.  This is about the long-desired goal of divorcing sexual acts from procreation.  Once that can be accomplished, then anything goes in any and every sphere of Catholic life. The Church will forever be transformed into a sort of NGO with broad goals of niceness, providing really good salaries for the ones who run it.
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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fr. Hunwicke: The Lying Nun

From today's Fr. Hunwicke Blog:
Recently I read in the Tablet a piece about a Catalan nun called, I think, Teresa Forcades. In the course of this article, she was reported as saying that, when reading in Church the First Letter of Timothy, she always left out Chapter 2 verse 12 (in which S Paul does not allow women to teach in Church).
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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Roman Catholic Man: A Compromised Church

When I entered my Catholic High School in 1972, the atmosphere celebrated our Catholicity … nuns in full habits all over the place, Priests teaching and in the hallways at all times, Mass & Confession offered frequently, images of Mary and the saints everywhere … especially in the Catechetical resource center … which was filled with the very best of Catholic literature.
In one year, most of the nuns left, while those who remained donned shorter skirts and stunted veils (and the veils were gone by my Senior year); we were left with one priest, we rarely got to see; Mass was offered only once a semester; Confession was nowhere to be found; many of the images of Mary and the Saints were removed; and the Catechetical resource center was completely emptied out and a few bean bag chairs were thrown in the middle of the empty room … the new name of the room became the “meditation room,” which for us meant the “take a nap” room.
It was as if the Church was under new management … Satan.
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Monday, September 4, 2017

Branco Cartoon - Up the Anti

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Father Capodanno: Ultimate Missionary of Mercy

From The Remnant today:
A Remnant Audio Article

Tired of open season on Catholic priests? Sick of the distorted image of modern, weak and emasculated priests tainting the memory and the legacy of the hundreds of thousands of heroic priests of the past? It's time to tell the stories of real Catholic priests, both in the past and living today. Father Vince Capodanno is one of them. He offered the old Latin Mass every day, gave his life for his friends on the battlefield, and is the ultimate 'missionary of mercy.' Here's his story, narrated by Michael J. Matt