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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The President Misspeaks again - and again.

Ira Stoll, of, found some problems with yesterday's press conference held by President Obama. For example:

Today's press conference began with a classic Obama straw man: "Our economic challenges are not going to be solved overnight," he said. No one claims they will be. But at this point, Mr. Obama hasn't been president just "overnight," he's been president for two and a half years.

It proceeded to classic Obama misleading statements. "I spent the last two years cutting taxes for ordinary Americans," the president said. Not Americans who smoke cigarettes or use tanning salons, and not Americans who choose not to buy health insurance, all of whom the president raised taxes on.

More Obama class warfare: "The revenue that we're talkin' about isn't comin' out of the pockets of middle-class families that are strugglin'" but rather from "people who are doin' extremely well."

It's as if Mr. Obama thinks that raising taxes on oil companies or corporate jets will take money out of the pockets exclusively of CEOs, rather than of the shareholders of these companies, who include lots of "middle-class families" and public and union pension funds.

In response to a question from NBC's Chuck Todd about whether he thinks the debt limit or the War Powers Act are constitutional, Mr. Obama said, "I'm not a Supreme Court justice." What an astounding default from a president who takes an oath to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." Mr. Obama was willing to say that the Defense of Marriage Act signed by President Clinton is unconstitutional, though on the question of whether he favors same-sex marriage, Mr. Obama, who has in the past said he personally opposes it, said, "I'll keep on giving you the same answer until I give you a different one, and that won't be today."

In support of a trade deal with Korea, the president claimed that there are a lot of Korean cars on American roads, but "you don't see any American cars in Korea." In fact American government statistics show that in the first four months of 2011 America exported $141 million worth of cars to South Korea.

To read the whole piece click HERE.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sodom, Gomorrah, and New York

Professor Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, was interviewed the other day by Kathryn Lopez of National Review Online about the recent vote by the citizens of New York state, encouraged by their catholic-in-name-only governor Andrew Cuomo, to allow same-sex marriage by approving the so-called Marriage Equality Act. Same-sex "couples" will be issued marriage licenses in New York beginning July 24, 2011. Such licenses are now granted in six states: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. These "marriages" are also legal in the District of Columbia and by the Coquille Indian Tribe in Oregon.

Probably no one can state the case against such perversion with moral clarity better than Professor George. Here's a photo of the professor at his desk.

Here's a clip of the interview:

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: What’s your reaction to what New York did to marriage on Friday night?

ROBERT P. GEORGE: Let’s examine the matter from a philosophical and historical perspective.

"The vote in New York to redefine marriage advances the cause of loosening norms of sexual ethics, and promoting as innocent — and even “liberating” — forms of sexual conduct that were traditionally regarded in the West and many other places as beneath the dignity of human beings as free and rational creatures. Early advocates of this cause, such as Margaret Sanger, Alfred Kinsey, and Hugh Hefner, proposed to “liberate” people from “repressive” moral standards that pointlessly deprived individuals of what they insisted were harmless pleasures, and impeded the free development of their personalities. They attacked and ridiculed traditional norms of sexual conduct as mere “hangups” that it was long past time for sophisticated people to get over. By the early 1970s, their basic outlook had become the mainstream view among cultural elites in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West. Although Sanger was a racist and a eugenicist, though Kinsey was a liar and a fraud, though Hefner was a buffoon, the liberationist view they had championed eventually hardened into something very close to a matter of orthodoxy in elite circles, and liberalism as a political movement went for it hook, line, and sinker..."

To read the entire interview click on the link below.

Sex and the Empire State - Interview - National Review Online

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Win for Secretary of State

From (emphasis added):

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday that the State Department played an instrumental role in “sealing the deal” for pop-rock star Lady Gaga to perform at a gay pride rally in Rome, Italy.

“And then there is the work that our embassy team in Rome has been doing,” Clinton said. “Two weeks ago they played an instrumental role in bringing Lady Gaga to Italy for a Euro Pride concert.

Mrs. Clinton made the remarks at the State Department at a celebration of LGBT Pride Month co-hosted by the department and Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies (GLIFAA), a group that, according to its website, “represents lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) personnel and their families in the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Foreign Commercial Service, Foreign Agricultural Service, and other foreign affairs agencies and offices in the U.S. Government.”

OK, how many of us knew there was such an organization as Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies (GLIFAA)? And, how many members of that group were hired for their government jobs since January 2009?

Here's the whole story from

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Ramirez: Obama's Dance in Afghanistan

(Click to enlarge)

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Muslim Soldier Charged With Child Pornography After Being Granted C.O. Status

A Muslim U. S. soldier, who requested conscientious objector status because he said Sharia forbade him from going to Afghanistan to kill other Muslims on behalf of "infidels" (that, as Andy McCarthy says, would be us), stands now accused of possession of child pornography on his government issued computer. He cannot be discharged until the child porn charges are adjudicated, and he's not happy - in fact, he's been implying he was framed.

According to "The military began investigating Abdo in November of 2010. They charged him on May 15, 2011, two days after he was approved by the Secretary of the Army as a conscientious objector."

One might ask how this guy became a soldier in OUR Army in the first place, but such a question would offend many of our brethren on the Left- even many of the higher ranking folks in OUR Army.

Putting aside the child porn charges for a minute, check out the below linked piece by Andy McCarthy, writing at National Review Online on Saturday. McCarthy is not only exercised over the decision to grant C.O. status to the Ft. Campbell soldier, he is also calling into question our entire counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy in Afghanistan.

"Turns out that the U.S. government has embraced a core tenet of sharia — that archaic corpus of Islamic law that Mitt Romney recently assured us would never gain traction in America. Patrick Poole reported at Pajamas Media on Tuesday that the secretary of the army has just granted “conscientious objector” status to Pfc. Nasser Abdo, a Muslim American soldier who refused to deploy to Afghanistan. Heeding the admonitions of CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood operatives, the Pentagon accepts the claim that sharia forbids Muslims from assisting infidels in a war against Muslim forces in an Islamic land.

"News Flash One: The war in Afghanistan, an Islamic land, is a war waged by infidels (that would be us) against Muslim forces — the Taliban, al-Qaeda, the Haqqani network, etc.
News Flash Two: The operating theory of the American counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy in Afghanistan is that the hearts and minds of the population of this tribal sharia society will side with us non-Muslims in a war against their fellow Muslims, most of whom are also their fellow Afghans.

"Which is to say, our strategy is insane."

Here's the whole McCarthy piece:

Our Sharia-Compliant Afghan War - Andrew C. McCarthy - National Review Online

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vacation on Sanibel Island. Deo Gratias.

Sanibel By Day

Sanibel By Night

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Vortex: Obama and the Sacred Heart

Dear Friend in Christ,

Obama and the militant homosexual movement have joined forces like no other set of allies .. and it just so happens they've chosen the month of the Sacred Heart to come together. Please watch this episode of The Vortex and pass it on to all your friends and family.

GOD Bless you and your loved ones,

Michael Voris
~senior executive producer,

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sheila Jackson Lee: Christians are undermining America. Really?

Anyone who has ever watched a State of the Union speech by a sitting president since 1995 will recognize Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee: she's the one who practically falls over the rails to embrace the sitting president (regardless of his party affiliation) while he is entering or departing the chamber. It's quite funny, actually. She often says things that, on reflection (a term with which she is apparently unfamiliar) should make her feel rather stupid. The inimitable AlfonZo Rachel (ZoNation on PJTV) does his best to help Ms. Lee understand just how ridiculous her recent remarks during a committee meeting were.

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Michael Ramirez: Extreme Emergency

(Click to enlarge)

H/T: rutusmc

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Krauthammer: " Insult Congress, weaken the presidency."

Charles Krauthammer, writing today at National Review Online, exposes Obama's duplicity in avoiding the 1973 War Powers Resolution. "He claimed exemption from the WPR on the grounds that America is not really engaged in 'hostilities' in Libya."

"To deploy an excuse so transparently ridiculous isn’t just a show of contempt for Congress and for the intelligence of the American people. It manages additionally to undermine the presidency’s own war-making prerogatives by implicitly conceding that if the Libya war really did involve hostilities, the president would indeed be subject to the WPR.

The worst of all possible worlds: Insult Congress, weaken the presidency. A neat trick."

Read the whole article by clicking on the below link.

Who Takes Us to War? - Charles Krauthammer - National Review Online

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

"72" Is Young for a Neophyte Surfer

But it's old enough to know better than to put the kayaks up for sale.

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Rep. Paul Ryan Gets To The Truth

That's Doug Elmendorf, Director of the Congressional Budget Office testifying before the House Budget Committee, chaired by Rep. Paul Ryan.

Interestingly, Elmendorf, with his simple, truthful answer exposes the president as the accomplished prevaricator we have come to know and distrust. Remember: "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor"?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bachmann and Glick: Two Women of Strength

Caroline Glick just posted this video of Michele Bachman, and had this to say about her:

What a great woman. What a great leader. What a great American.

God bless you Michele Bachmann!

Please read her post and watch the video.

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Klavan on the Culture: Obama's Beach Blanket Recovery

Nobody does compare and contrast better than Andrew Klavan, especially when the subject being compared and contrasted is the main stream media coverage of Bush and Obama.

H/T: jpa1948

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Caroline Glick: Warning Bells from Gates

Caroline Glick writes about an interview soon-to-be former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had with Newsweek this past weekend (emphasis added):

In Gates' words, "I've spent my entire adult life with the United States as a superpower, and one that had no compunction about spending what it took to sustain that position. It didn't have to look over its shoulder because our economy was so strong. This is a different time.

"To tell you the truth, that's one of the many reasons it's time for me to retire, because frankly I can't imagine being part of a nation, part of a government... that's being forced to dramatically scale back our engagement with the rest of the world."

What Gates is effectively saying is not that economic forecasts are gloomy. US defense spending comprises less than five percent of the federal budget. If US President Barack Obama wanted to maintain that level of spending, the Republican-controlled Congress would probably pass his defense budget. What Gates is saying is that he doesn't trust his commander in chief to allocate the resources to preserve America's superpower status. He is saying that he believes that Obama is willing to surrender the US's status as a superpower."

To read the entire piece by Caroline Glick, click on the link below.

An Obama foreign policy

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vortex: the Senator

Dear Friend in Christ,

We each need to defend the truth, sometimes boldly and forcefully, even in the strangest of circumstances. Please watch this episode of The Vortex and pass it on to friends and family.

To learn more about the “Cost of Abortion”, please visit this website;

GOD Bless you and your loved ones,

Michael Voris
~senior executive producer,

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Michael Ramirez on Government "Competence"

(Click to enlarge)

H/T: rutusmc

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First Transatlantic Anti-Islamization Conference: Strasbourg, France, July 2, 2011

(Click to enlarge)

Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.Org posted information about this upcoming event on his Blog today. To read the details about the conference, click HERE.

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Don't Know Much About History

This past weekend, Brian Bolduc of the Wall Street Journal interviewed historian David McCullough. The topic was the historically illiterate youth of today. Mr. McCullough was not encouraging.

We're raising young people who are, by and large, historically illiterate," David McCullough tells me on a recent afternoon in a quiet meeting room at the Boston Public Library. Having lectured at more than 100 colleges and universities over the past 25 years, he says, "I know how much these young people—even at the most esteemed institutions of higher learning—don't know." Slowly, he shakes his head in dismay. "It's shocking."

He's right. This week, the Department of Education released the 2010 National Assessment of Educational Progress, which found that only 12% of high-school seniors have a firm grasp of our nation's history. And consider: Just 2% of those students understand the significance of Brown v. Board of Education.

One problem is personnel. "People who come out of college with a degree in education and not a degree in a subject are severely handicapped in their capacity to teach effectively," Mr. McCullough argues. "Because they're often assigned to teach subjects about which they know little or nothing." The great teachers love what they're teaching, he says, and "you can't love something you don't know anymore than you can love someone you don't know."

Another problem is method. "History is often taught in categories—women's history, African American history, environmental history—so that many of the students have no sense of chronology. They have no idea what followed what."

What's more, many textbooks have become "so politically correct as to be comic. Very minor characters that are currently fashionable are given considerable space, whereas people of major consequence farther back"—such as, say, Thomas Edison—"are given very little space or none at all."

It's not their fault our children are ignorant, he says animatedly. "It's our fault," he says, pointing to his chest. "I mean the parents and grandparents of the oncoming generation. We have to talk about history, talk about the books we love, the biographies and histories." He continues, "We should all take our children to historic places. Go to Gettysburg. Go to the Capitol."

You can read the entire interview by clicking HERE.

H/T: rmck1

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Payne on Alternative Fuels

(Click to enlarge)

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Isn't Our President Supposed To Say This?

Medvedev: Govt role in economy has to be cut.

That's the headline in an AP story filed by AP Business Writer NATALIYA VASILYEVA.

Medvedev is apparently trying to distinguish himself from former President Vladimir Putin before the next presidential election in March 2012. That will surely be a distinction without much difference, you might think - and you might be wrong.

In any case, it is more than interesting that after we won the Cold War, and caused the collapse of Communism in the former Soviet Union, that Russia just might be moving toward a free market economy as our current administration moves us further and further away from one.

How does this sound, coming from a former Communist?

"Medvedev acknowledged that the government's expansion in managing the economy and the centralization of authority in the Kremlin under Putin was necessary in an earlier period of the country's post-Soviet development. But, he said, "this economic mode is dangerous for the country's future."

"The proposition that the government is always right is manifested either in corruption or benefits to 'preferred' companies," he said.

"My choice is different. The Russian economy ought to be dominated by private businesses and private investors. The government must protect the choice and property of those who willingly risk their money and reputation."

Maybe President Medvedev read our Constitution.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Retiring Captain Speaks

That's U.S. Navy Captain Robert S. McKenna, whose Change of Command ceremony took place just before his retirement ceremony today at Naval Air Station, Jacksonville. Captain McKenna, who has never minced words to placate the politically correct elements in our society, delivered his remarks in typical fashion. Here is a clip from his speech that perfectly encapsulates his respect for, and dedication to, his sailors and the United States Constitution, unencumbered by "penumbras."

The staff here at NOSC Jax will tell you how much the CO loves to talk about history. We often begin staff meetings with a recount of “This Day in History” and then tie it in to current events or topics. So that being said as a matter of intro, I’d like to begin my remarks by telling you all about a little known but very important moment in our Navy and Nation’s history. It did not happen on this day, but close enough. On June 21st, 1853, a man of Hungarian descent named Martin Koszta was seized in Smyrna, Greece, by a party of armed Greeks who were employed by the Austrian Consul-General. He was then imprisoned onboard an Austrian warship in the port. Now this man Koszta had been a leader in an attempt to free Hungary from Austrian rule. The attempt obviously failed and the young man fled to escape execution. In 1850 as now, people who yearned for freedom came to our shores. Koszta became an importer by trade and took out his first citizenship papers. On the day that he was seized, his business had taken him to this Mediterranean port. As his good fortune would have it, a small American war sloop was berthed in that same port – the USS St Louis, commanded by CAPT Duncan Ingraham. When CAPT Ingraham heard of the imprisonment of Koszta, he sought intervention by the American Consul. The Consul, who apparently had much in common with his modern day brethren, washed his hands of the incident because Koszta had only taken out his first citizenship papers. Perhaps he was concerned about offending the aggressors. Ingraham, on the other hand, being a courageous and audacious man who fully understood his obligations and responsibilities as a US Navy Officer, believed that under his oath of office he owed this man the protection of our flag. He boarded the much larger Austrian ship and demanded to see the prisoner, and our citizen. He was in chains and badly beaten. He asked Koszta one question: Do you ask the protection of the American Flag? Koszta nodded and the Captain said: “You shall have it” and left the ship. Later that day, three more Austrian ships sailed into Smyrna and it became apparent that the four were preparing to sail. Ingraham sent a junior officer to the Austrian flagship to tell the Admiral that any attempt to leave the harbor with our citizen aboard would be resisted with the appropriate level of force. He then ordered the decks of St Louis cleared for action and all was made ready for an attack on Hussar, which was much superior in size and armament. Suddenly, the ship’s lookout called out that the Hussar was lowering a boat which then rowed Koszta over to the American ship. CAPT Ingraham then went below and wrote out his letter of resignation from the United States Navy saying: “I did what I thought my oath of office required, but if I have embarrassed my country in any way, I resign.” The Senate refused his resignation with these words: “This battle that was never fought may turn out to be the most important battle in our Nation’s history.”

Now here’s the tie-in. First, we, as citizens and sailors of the United States must read, know and understand our Navy and Nation’s history. It is only through our knowledge of past glorious events that we can understand and believe in American Exceptionalism and then we can begin to understand and appreciate our part in that tradition and our responsibility as sailors and citizens to keep the flame burning. This profession is not a 9 to 5 job. We are an integral part of something much larger than ourselves. We wear the same uniform as CAPT Ingraham, we salute the same flag and most importantly we all take the same oath of office that he took so very seriously. He took it so seriously, in fact, that he was prepared to lay down his life – and when the immediate danger had passed – to resign his commission in order to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Here at NOSC Jax, we often discuss the Constitution. I encourage the staff, beg them, implore them to read it and understand it. I think most of them have – it’s not very long; it can be read in one sitting. It really should be mandatory, I mean, after all we do raise our right hands and swear an oath to support and defend it. So we should know what it is that we are pledging our lives to: individual freedom, rule of law, limited government, consent of the governed. These are important concepts that we all must understand. Remembering our place in this long and proud tradition and our role as defenders of the Constitution, helps us keep perspective, helps us understand that we are not bureaucrats. We should be reminded of that every time we put on the uniform and every time we salute the flag. We cannot just go through the motions no matter how mundane our jobs can feel at times.

At the conclusion of the Change of Command and the Retirement ceremonies, Captain McKenna's sailors surprised their retiring C.O. with a framed copy of the Constitution, complete with quill pen. Every member of his staff signed the matting. Captain McKenna then surprised his staff with a framed copy of the Constitution for proper display at the NOSC. Neither Captain McKenna nor his staff were aware of the surprises, but the choice of gift could not have been more appropriate.

Here's a photo of the presentation.

And here's a photo of some of the staff seated in the back of the room who, on signal from the X.O. after the line, "I encourage the staff, beg them, implore them to read it and understand it. I think most of them have...," offered proof.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Whoops!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz as chairman of the Democratic National Committee is to the GOP a gift that promises to keep giving, and giving, and giving...

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