Restoring the Sacred

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jason Riley: Black Liberals and Other Racists

Jason Riley, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and member of the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal, could be the second coming of Thomas Sowell.  He wrote today a piece entitled: Black Liberals and Oklahoma's Video Racists, in which he exposes once again the identity politics of the left - especially those in the media and the self-anointed black leaders.  The contrast between the Liberal meme and the reality is striking.

First the Liberal Meme:
The black left... specializes in scouring America for signs of remnant racism and seizing on them as evidence that little or nothing has really changed. So long as we have to live among the Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundys or those frat boys on the bus, the argument goes, racial gaps in academic achievement, employment, criminal behavior and other areas will persist.
But here's the reality:
Our majority-white country has a twice-elected black president who, in 2008, outperformed both John Kerry (in 2004) and Al Gore (in 2000) among white voters in states such as Texas, Georgia and the Carolinas. Hispanics govern New Mexico and Nevada, and Asians govern Louisiana and South Carolina, which also has a black senator. Yet Mr. Blow (a black columnist for the New York Times) cites the University of Oklahoma episode as proof that white racism in the U.S. today is “immeasurable” and “unyielding.”