Restoring the Sacred

Friday, March 27, 2015

Matt Walsh: Gays Have No Right to be Free of Discrimination

Matt Walsh is, once again, making statements that make sense to rational people, so he will quite naturally be excoriated for speaking against the sacred meme of the Progressives, who are not concerned with common sense.

His most recent column is entitled: "Sorry Gays, you don't have the right to be free from discrimination."  You can read the whole essay by clicking HERE.

Herewith some clips from the piece:
"So this week Indiana passed a religious freedom bill that affirms a private individual’s business owner’s right to decide who they associate with and how they associate with them. This is partly a religious freedom thing, but it’s primarily just a matter of basic private property rights. It’s also terrain that’s already been rather explicitly covered in the First Amendment.
       "See, I’m tired of trying to sell these religious freedom bills based on the notion that a business owner refusing to service a gay wedding isn’t tantamount to discrimination. It is. It definitely is. And that’s definitely OK. Discrimination is not automatically a bad thing. It isn’t inherently evil. It simply means, by definition, that you are making a distinction for or against a person or thing. That’s what it means to discriminate. Synonyms: discern, distinguish, differentiate.
"Ah, well, I guess this is all academic. Gay rights activists aren’t worried about taking their arguments to their conclusions, or grounding them in any kind of comprehensible philosophical bedrock. All they know is that some people would prefer not to be involved in some of their activities, and this fact hurts their feelings, and therefore laws must be made and fines must be handed out and human rights charged must be levied. Constitution be damned. To hell with logic, reason, and consistency. This is about giving them what they want, how they want it. It’s got nothing to do with rights, really, which is why the argument based on rights is so staggeringly stupid and half baked. They haven’t taken the time to form it, because who cares? This really boils down to the idea that these business owners are being mean and homophobic, and that’s not nice."