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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Iditarod 2017: Wrap-Up Stories & Videos

Here are some wrap-up stories and videos from the Last Great Race on Earth 2017:

Catholic World Report: Interview of Michael O'Brien

From Catholic World Report Blog, March 13, 2017:
Michael D. O'Brien has been working as an iconographer, painter, and writer for nearly fifty years. He is the popular author of over two dozen books, including several best-selling novels such as Father Elijah, Elijah in Jerusalem, The Father's Tale, Eclipse of the Sun, Sophia House, Theophilos, and Island of the World, all published by Ignatius Press. His novels have now been published in fourteen languages and have been widely reviewed in both secular and religious media in North America and Europe.

His essays on faith and culture have appeared in international journals including Communio, Catholic Dossier, Inside the Vatican, The Chesterton Review, Catholic World Report, and others. He has worked as a professional artist since 1970 and has held more than 40 exhibits across North America. Since 1976 he has painted religious imagery exclusively, with works ranging from liturgical commissions to visual reflections on the meaning of the human person. His paintings hang in churches, monasteries, universities, community collections and private collections throughout the world.

Michael O’Brien lives near Combermere, Ontario. He and his wife Sheila have six children and ten grandchildren. He recently spoke with CWR about his work as a novelist, reflecting on the vocation of the novelist, the creative process, influences, and inspiration.
To read the interview, click on the below link:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mitch Seavey: Oldest Winner of the Iditarod at 57

Mitch Seavey beat son Dallas into Nome by almost three hours to become the oldest winner of the Last Great Race on Earth, setting a new record in the process.

Here are the latest current standings of the rest of the field:

Here is the story of the race, with photos, from the Anchorage Dispatch News:

Here's a link to the Iditarod Store if you'd like a souvenir of the race.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Idiatrod 2017: Race is on for 2nd Place. Mitch Seavey alone in front

Mitch Seavey left White Mountain two hours ahead of son Dallas, who left there only three minutes ahead of Nicolas Petit, so the race to Nome for 2nd place is on.

View current standings: 

Find White Mountain, Safety, and Nome:

Dallas Seavey Two Hours Behind Dad at White Mountain

With only one check point (Safety) to go before Nome, Mitch Seavey is two hours ahead of son Dallas.

Find White Mountain and Safety by clicking to enlarge the below map.

For current standings, click on the below link:

Dad is running about 1/2 mile per hour faster than his son, and is running with two more dogs at the moment.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Iditarod 2017: Dallas Seavey trailing Dad Mitch by about one hour

Mitch Seavey still leading the pack is first into Elim.  Son Dallas about one hour behind his Dad.  Find Elim on the route map:

Here are the current standings:

View musher profiles:

Matt Walsh: 5 Ways Men Should Man up and Lead Their Families

Matt Walsh, writing today at The Blaze:
In writing about the “Day Without A Woman” protest earlier, I hit on a particular theme that sparked a fair amount of blow back, even from self-professed longtime readers. I said that the husbands of these left-wing feminist women, who decided to abandon their professional and family duties for the day in order to make some vaguely defined political statement, need to show some leadership in their households. Rather than submissively cooperating with his wife’s decision to put her feminism ahead of her family, a man should offer some guidance. I think I really upset people the most when I used the phrases “be a man” and “put your foot down.”
To read the whole piece, click on the link below.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Iditarod 2017: Leaders out of Kaltag: Mitch and Dallas Seavey

Father, Mitch Seavey (left) was out of Kaltag five minutes in front of son, Dallas (right).

For current race standings, click below:

Find Kaltag on the map below:

Here's Dallas (left) and Mitch (right) at the start in Fairbanks on Monday.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017