Restoring the Sacred

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Living Battlefield: Great Website for Military History

This great website, which is unafraid to not only speak of but to clearly demonstrate the many military examples of American Exceptionalism, has just been linked here under "My Blog List" on the right side of this Blog. The Mission statement listed on the website is:

Living Battlefield, LLC is a non-profit corporation registered in South Carolina. We are passionately committed to the cause of history.

By both commissioning and partnering with historical documentary filmmakers, we aim to produce programming that engages, enlightens and entertains public television audiences and students.

No more dry historical lectures, but battlefield tours with passionate presenters who draw viewers into the heart of the action. Because our shows are shot in the actual locations where events took place, at the time of year when they happened, viewers will feel like they are really there. First hand accounts from veterans form the backbone of the films, with re-enactment, special effects and easy to follow graphics fleshing out the stories of true life, American heroes.

Our first trilogy of films, The American Road to Victory, produced by Labyrinth Media & Publishing Limited, begins broadcasting on U.S public television near Memorial Day 2011.

Click on their website below to watch the video, and check back anytime on their blog site feed under "My Blog List" on the right.