Restoring the Sacred

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Liberals Will Never Understand Ayn Rand

Bill McGurn writing at yesterday discussed the "great idea" the Liberal Democrats have to use Ayn Rand against Republican Conservatives in the 2012 election show about to unfold (be sure to watch the video).

Liberals just refuse to understand what it is that Conservatives admire about the author of Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and other similar masterpieces. Her ideas about government control of citizens, and the curtailment of individual freedom that goes with that control, are the things we admire about her. I don't know of one Conservative who admires her lack of a personal moral compass, nor could I name one Conservative who would vote for her (were she still with us) for president. Some of the greatest Conservative voices in America, in fact, condemned her weaknesses - especially her apparent total lack of compassion for the truly needy and her doctrinaire treatment of religion among other things. It cannot be denied, though, that her ability to write with passion about individual freedom and the right to protect one's property, is almost unparalleled.

So, good luck to the Liberals who think the attack mounted in the video will convince voters to turn their backs on Conservatives. They should be wary that it might cause another run at by folks wanting to read more of her work. They ought to know already about the incredible number of sales of Atlas Shrugged caused by the socialist policies of the current administration.

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