Sin is wicked, but when recognized as sin, man can repent, seek and receive redemption. But if the worldview fails to recognize sin for what it is, or worse, celebrates the sin as some form of grotesque virtue, repentance is not sought and redemption is lost. Even more concerning, this worldview does not limit itself to a solitary sin which hurts the perpetrator alone. Instead, it eagerly embraces and encourages a multitude of other sins which visit their wicked results upon others. ( Roman Catholic Bishop Stanislav Shyrokoradiuk of Kharkiv-Zaporizha)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The EU is Crumbling. Good Riddance!

Daniel Hannan isn't the only Euroskeptic who happens to be a Member of the European Parliament. That's Nigel Farage, who also is an MEP, and who also is not afraid to state his position publicly. According to a post on PowerLine, Farage "tells more truth about the entire European experiment [in under four minutes] than all European bankers, commissioners, and politicians have done in the past decade." Surely the European Union is not what the Man of the Century had in mind when he called for a United States of Europe in 1946.

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