Sin is wicked, but when recognized as sin, man can repent, seek and receive redemption. But if the worldview fails to recognize sin for what it is, or worse, celebrates the sin as some form of grotesque virtue, repentance is not sought and redemption is lost. Even more concerning, this worldview does not limit itself to a solitary sin which hurts the perpetrator alone. Instead, it eagerly embraces and encourages a multitude of other sins which visit their wicked results upon others. ( Roman Catholic Bishop Stanislav Shyrokoradiuk of Kharkiv-Zaporizha)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Claire Berlinski: An Open Letter to Turkey and Israel

Claire Berlinski is not as concerned as some about the drift away from a secular government in Turkey. In fact, she thinks there is a chance that relations between Turkey and Israel can return to what they were not that long ago. She posted this Open Letter to Turkey and Israel at Ricochet.Com, the outstanding Blog she edits. It should be noted that Berlinski lives and writes in Istanbul, and obviously has strong feelings for the country and its people.

There are others who are not as optimistic as Berlinski about the future of Turkey as a secular state, and much less optimistic about current and future relations between Turkey and Israel. You can read some of those views by clicking on the links on this prior post.

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