Synod 2015

Synod 2015
"“Non possumus!” I will not accept an obfuscated speech nor a skilfully masked back door to a profanation of the Sacrament of Marriage and Eucharist. Likewise, I will not accept a mockery of the Sixth Commandment of God. I prefer to be ridiculed and persecuted rather than to accept ambiguous texts and insincere methods. I prefer the crystalline “image of Christ the Truth, rather than the image of the fox ornamented with gemstones” (Saint Irenaeus), for “I know whom I have believed”, “Scio, Cui credidi!” (2 Tim 1: 12). (Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Synod 2015)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Iran Threatens to Close Strait of Hormuz

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That's the Strait of Hormuz in the upper right corner of the above map. Iran is now threatening to close the Strait in retaliation for our "act of war," manifested by the unscheduled landing of one of our drones on their territory.  The north coast of the Strait is claimed by Iran; the south coast by pro-Western Oman.  This could get very interesting very soon.  Interestingly, GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney said yesterday that were he now president he would go in and get that drone.  President Obama has asked Iran to return it.  Robert Spencer of Jihad
Watch weighs in on all this in the below video.

Here's Mitt Romney:

"He (Obama) was extraordinarily weak and timid in a time of … a critical moment. This will have severe implications for us, long term, and it was a terrible mistake on his part. I find it incomprehensible that he didn’t destroy it, or go get it. I think destroying it would have been a good deal easier. Destroy it immediately, or go get it. But the idea of letting it fall into the hands of people who will use it against us, use the intelligence capacity against us, is an extremely enormous mistake on the part of this president."

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