Restoring the Sacred

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Pandora's Box for The Donald

Great idea, Donald.  BUT, did you consider the possible consequences?  What if, for example:

1. Obama completely complies with your request and releases all those records, and

2. The records show, unequivocally, that Obama: (a) was born in Kenya, (2) was admitted to college as a foreign student by the name of Barry Soetoro from Indonesia, (3) claimed to be a Muslim at one time, (4) has traveled on a fraudulent foreign passport, (5) has been using a fraudulent social security number most of his life, and (6) has lied repeatedly to voters about his past, but

3. Despite the above admissions, he does not lose a single vote among his supporters or the "independents" who are still proud to vote for such a magnificent orator.  In fact, your publicity stunt actually wins him more sympathy voters, who refuse to believe the records are authentic (despite the fact they were released by Obama himself), and

4. Obama is reelected in a very close race involving numerous allegations of voter fraud that are not contested by Mitt Romney who is concerned that a prolonged investigation will cause major riots in several U.S. cities, and then

5. Obama advises you (Donald) that his favorite charity, to which you are to write your $5 million check is one that is known to provide funding to: The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, or Hezbollah.

What happens then, Donald?
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