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Friday, November 2, 2012

O'Reilly: Government No Match for Mother Nature

Bill O'Reilly, speaking from recent personal experience with Hurricane Sandy, blasts anyone (including our incumbent president) who believes that government is the answer to all our problems.  Herewith some clips (emphasis added):
Many of us have forgotten about nature as we have become addicted to machines. We must have gizmos. Sandy laughed and took them away. Power, gone. Internet, dark. Cell phones, not happening. Even your landline phone - not available because "all circuits are busy."
Suddenly, it was 1850 with one exception: battery operated flashlights and radios.
So what is the lesson here? 
Well, actually there are a few. First, that no government agency can help you when disaster strikes. Any assistance will be after the fact and painstakingly slow. 
Second, that in order to ride out any storm effectively, you should be self-reliant and resilient. That means you have to anticipate problems and have some solutions at the ready. 
For example, where I live on Long Island, the power infrastructure is a disaster and has been for years. The power company, LIPA, simply cannot keep the juice flowing under any duress. I have accepted that, so I bought a generator. However, during Sandy, the generator did not work. You can imagine how many four-letter words were uttered. But, I had a Plan B. I know some guys who can repair generators, and they fixed mine very quickly. I have a long-term relationship with these guys and will reward them. 
So, I rode out the storm pretty well, and that's good because there are children in my home. 
Never one time did I think the local, state or federal government was going to help me in any way. When President Obama speaks about government being there for you, I roll my eyes. In the history of mankind, no government has ever been there for the individual. Ever. 
To read the whole piece, click on the link below:

Bill O'Reilly: Bill's Column - Sandy's Lesson

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