Restoring the Sacred

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Words of Relevance: Ronald Reagan on Roe v. Wade

Today's quote is from a biography of the man closest to Ronald Reagan from his days as Governor of California to his two terms in the White House.  That man is William P. Clark, and the title of the book is The Judge; William P. Clark, Ronald Reagan's Top Hand.   You can order a copy for only $3.00 by clicking on the link.

After the death of President Reagan, the Left was obsessed with making us believe that were he still alive and of sound mind he would support funding for  embryonic stem-cell research.  Clark knew better, and to set the matter straight he penned a column for the New York Times entitled: "For Reagan, All Life Was Sacred."

This is from the New York Times piece:
Ronald Reagan's record reveals that no issue was of greater importance to him than the dignity and sanctity of all human life. ''My administration is dedicated to the preservation of America as a free land,'' he said in 1983. ''And there is no cause more important for preserving that freedom than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning.'' One of the things he regretted most at the completion of his presidency in 1989, he told me, was that politics and circumstances had prevented him from making more progress in restoring protection for unborn human life.
In the biography of Clark, there is an account of a speech given by Clark at the Center for Security Policy's "Keeper of the Flame" dinner in honor of Ronald Reagan, in 1995.  In that speech Clark refers to President Reagan's strong opposition to Roe v. Wade, using Reagan's words as spoken to Clark.

Hers's the quote:
"Human life legislation ending this tragedy (Roe v. Wade) will someday pass Congress, and you and I must never rest until it does."   

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