Restoring the Sacred

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fr. Mark Pilon: Our President - Theologian

Fr. Mark Pilon, a priest of the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, wrote today at The Catholic Thing. The essay was entitled: Our President - Theologian, and in it Fr. Pilon takes issue with the declarations made by President Obama to a White House gathering last week, "...that the leaders of ISIS are not religious leaders but simply terrorists who have falsely interpreted the Muslim religion: “They are not religious leaders” he said, and “. .we are at war with people who have perverted Islam."

Fr. Pilon questions the motivation for such a firm and ignorant declaration by our president: "What is going on in the president’s mind and/or the minds of his speechwriters is deeply disturbing. These kinds of declarations are not to be accounted for by his rare departures from the written text. They are too consistent and too often repeated. His persistent apologia for Islam in the face of these terrorist acts by men who identify themselves as faithful Muslims is quite strange. It is out of sync with his other near obsessions regarding things like “gender identity.” There his administration clearly holds that people are to be taken absolutely at their word when they declare that their gender is opposite to their biological makeup." (emphasis mine)

After drawing comparisons between Obama's world and the world portrayed in the novels of Huxley and Orwell, he warns about the conscious and purposeful departure from truth in the world of politics today.

Here's the quote:
All this is happening in the newspeak world of politics today despite the greater availability of information than ever before. One can make absurd judgments about other people’s religious standing because truth is whatever serves the political agenda. Objective historical truth? Forget it. What is Truth? That cynicism was voiced by a political figure also, and it led to the death of Truth Himself. Today it is leading to social chaos.