Restoring the Sacred

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fr. Z: How a Small Christian Business Should Respond to a Demand to Acknowledge a Gay Wedding

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf offered some suggestions recently to small business owners being forced by the state to act against their religious beliefs when asked (demanded) by gay couples to provide services for their "wedding."

Here they are:
When they come to destroy your business because you are pro-traditional family:

When some homosexual couple comes to your Christian business for services at their immoral event, don’t panic.  Go ahead and take their business!
Then explain what is going to happen next.
Tell them that the food and services will be just fine.  And then inform them that all of the money that they pay for the services will be donated to a traditional pro-family lobby.   If it is something like catering, where your employees have to be there to provide services, tell them that all your people will smile, be professional, and everyone of them will be wearing crucifixes and have the Holy Family embroidered on their uniforms.  Then show them pictures of your uniforms.  When the truck pulls up, speakers will be playing Immaculate Mary.  Show them the truck and play the music.
“Oh, you would be offended by that?  I’m so sorry.  You approached us because we are Christians. Right?  We are happy to provide services for you and we are grateful that you chose to come to our Christian catering business.  We just want to be of help.”
Then tell them that you will take out an ad in the paper to let everyone know what you did with their money, thanking them by name for their business so that you could make the contribution.
I suspect this approach, if adopted far and wide, would put an end to attacks on Christian businesses.