Restoring the Sacred

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Malcolm Muggeridge on Conversion

Malcolm Muggeridge, who converted to Catholicism in 1982, at the age of 68, credited Mother Teresa, and her prayers for his conversion.  He had met her years before while filming a documentary of her work in Calcutta.

According to an account in Literary Converts, by Joseph Pierce:

Before becoming a Catholic, but already a Christian, Muggeridge produced, in 1971, a documentary series on the life of St. Paul, entitled: Paul: Envoy Extraordinary.  During the production of that documentary, Muggeridge and his life-long friend, Alec Vidler, an Anglican priest, discussed the nature of conversion.

Muggeridge and Vidler made the following observations during their discussion, perhaps presaging Muggeridge's future "crossing of the Tiber."

"Conversion is something that you as a priest must have met with often - a person being reborn, becoming a new man.  Paul is said to have been blinded by the experience, but he was blind only because afterwards he truly could see whereas before he couldn't."
"Paul's conversion does seem to have been sudden, but of course sudden conversions are seldom as sudden as they seem…" 

"You mean fighting against something he knew would ultimately captivate and capture him."