Restoring the Sacred

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Matt Walsh on Bruce Jenner's Insult to Women

Matt Walsh took the occasion of the appearance of Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair to try, once again, to enlighten a sleeping majority (who don't know why, of even if, they're opposed to this latest evidence of our cultural decay).

He wrote, as usual, at, and you can read the whole piece, entitled: "Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman is an Insult to Women" HERE.

Two memorable quotes from the essay that jump out at the reader follow:
GLAAD applauded Bruce for being his “authentic self.” Tragically, they weren’t trying to be ironic. A digitally modified, cosmetically altered, manipulatively posed, chemically tampered with, basically cartoon image on a magazine cover is now authentic, according to the terminally dishonest folks in the gay and lesbian activist camp…and
If progressives can wield the power to demolish and remake even the definition of “man” and “woman” in their ideological image, then they have achieved a total  and irreversible cultural victory. They have reached into the universe and reshaped reality itself. They have become gods, or at least that’s the kind of power we give them. You can blab on and on about economics and foreign policy, but if we live in a country where confusion, perversion, and self-worship reign supreme, what’s the point? America will already be dead.