Restoring the Sacred

Friday, January 27, 2017

Matt Walsh on The Pro-Life Man

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Matt Walsh writing at The Blaze today compared and contrasted the men at the last two marches in Washington D.C.

A pro-life man is a man who stands in awe of a woman’s capacity to bring forth life, and harbors a deep sense of appreciation and respect for his own indispensable role in that process. A man who sits back idly while children are murdered and their mothers are sent plunging into a whirlwind of regret and despair is no man at all. A man protects. A man gives. A man provides. A man fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. A man who rejects this duty, even to the point of murder, does not deserve to call himself a man. He is an embarrassment and a disgrace. A pro-life man, however, heeds the call and stays true to his own nature.

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