Restoring the Sacred

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin in Need of Quality Teachers with Knowledge of History and Ability to Spell

Photos via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.
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If you don't live in Wisconsin, be thankful: your kids have a chance. A micrometer would be needed to measure the intelligence level of some of the teachers who called in sick today so they could storm the capitol in Madison to protest Governor Scott Walker's proposal that "would restrict negotiations with non-law-enforcement unions to wages only, and would require recertification votes each year. It would also make Wisconsin a right-to-work state, ending automatic deduction of union dues from paychecks and instead make them voluntary." That does not seem to equate the governor with the former leader of the Nazi party in Germany, does it?

Check out Ed Morrissey's post at HOT Air by clicking here.

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