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Friday, March 23, 2012

Caroline Glick: "Mohamed Merah - Man of the West"

Caroline Glick writes deeply about the massacre last week in Toulouse, France.  Pictured above are the victims of the jihadist killer: Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and his two little boys (three-year-old Gavriel and six-year-old Aryeh), and eight-year-old student, Miriam Monsonego.   

She compares the handling of this massacre with the handling of two similar massacres here in the United States: the killing of 13 US servicemen at Ft. Hood in 2009, and the attack at the Seattle Jewish Federation building in 2006.

She lays blame for these events not only on the perpetrators of the massacres but also on the "depraved silence, indifference and complicity of Western elites with their jihadist aims."

This piece is a MUST READ for those interested in coming to a fuller understanding of the absolute evil of radical Islam and the fear and failure of the rest of the world to confront it.

Please click on the below link:

Mohamed Merah - Man of the West

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