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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Words of Relevance: Divine Creation and The Virgin Birth

Today's quote comes from Anthony Esolen, writing at The Catholic Thing Blog.  With help from Anne Roche Muggeridge, daughter-in-law of Malcolm Muggeridge, the Intellectual who came to the Catholic faith late in life, he deconstructs the arguments of those who want to play both sides of a question.  For instance, those who can accept that God created the universe, but cannot accept that He could cause a virgin to give birth.  He addresses those players of both sides by saying:
Or are we to believe that the God who created a universe from nothing cannot fructify the ovum in a woman’s womb?  This is another example of the mythologizing of the self-styled demythologizers, the bunko artistry of the debunkers.   
After inserting the knife, he twists it, and,

Here's the quote:
"It’s coherent to believe in both the divine creation of the world and the virgin birth of Jesus.  It’s coherent to believe neither.  But it’s incoherent to believe the first and that the second is impossible." 

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