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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Words of Relevance: Malcolm Muggeridge Memories

Malcolm Muggeridge,  the British journalist, author, soldier and spy - and yet another intellectual who "crossed the Tiber" late in life and became a Catholic, was visited at his home two years before he died by author and editor George Marlin, who wrote about that visit today on The Catholic Thing Blog.  Their conversation included Muggeridge's impressions of: Ronald Reagan, Mother Teresa, William F. Buckley Jr., and Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  You can read the whole piece by clicking on the link above.

The conversation turned to social issues, and Muggeridge, never a fan of political correctness, spoke candidly about problems he sees prevalent in our culture (and this was back in 1988).  He would not be happy to witness the further deterioration of things since his death in 1990.

Here's the quote:
“Abortion and the homosexual rights movement are the two bad things in our time,” he said. I described New York City’s moral bankruptcy, and he replied:  “The Devil is a very big and clever person, particularly in New York. And he fools many New Yorkers by convincing them they are very smart.”

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