Restoring the Sacred

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fr. George Rutler: The Secularist Response to Islam

Father George William Rutler, was an Episcopal priest for nine years before being received into the Catholic Church in 1979.  He writes often for Crisis magazine, and back in October 2014 wrote an essay entitled: Mad Intelligence: The Secularist Response to Islam. In that essay, Fr. Rutler called out the Secularists (including those in high places, elites, and even naive religious leaders) who refuse to call evil by its name.  It will be left to the informed reader to determine who among those in high places, which elites, and which naive religious leaders Fr. Rutler had in mind when composing his essay.  Today's quote may help point the reader in the right direction.

Here's the quote:
Secularists play down Islamist atrocities because they seek to eradicate the graceful moral structure that can turn brutes into saints.  Heinous acts are sometimes dismissed as “workplace violence.”  There even are those in high places who pretend that Islamic militants are not Islamic and foster the delusion that false gods will not demand sacrifices on their altars.  These elites are like Ambassador Davies who said, “Communism holds no serious threat to the United States.”  Naïve religious leaders who live off the goodwill of good people, will even say that Christians and those who oppose them share a common humane ethos, a similar concept of human rights, an embrace of pluralism, and a distinction between political and spiritual realms.