Restoring the Sacred

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Words of Relevance: Robert Royal: Abortion And Magical Thinking

The March for Life is held in Washington D. C. in January every year, and today marks the 42nd year in a row for this all-but-ignored event in the eyes of the main stream media.

Robert Royal, editor-in-chief of The Catholic Thing is there today, and wrote today's essay on the Magical Thinking of Abortion:

"In two and a half days, we kill more babies than American troops have died over the years in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Kill. Let’s speak bluntly and truthfully. What dies is alive, has human DNA, and is deliberately eliminated."

He points out just how much the abortion industry has perverted language and understanding to keep their industry functioning in spite of the ever increasing opposition  from people no longer willing to be manipulated into accepting evil.  He leaves us with a powerful quote that is difficult to dispute.

Here's the quote:
Punch a woman in the stomach, and you may get punished depending on circumstances and what jurisdiction you live in. Punch a woman in the stomach who’s pregnant and cause an unwanted miscarriage, prepare yourself for manslaughter charges and an expensive civil action.
But if a doctor working for Planned Parenthood essentially does the same thing, by some form of magical thinking, the same human entity may be disposed of under the category of “women’s health.” It becomes a “product of conception” or “unwanted pregnancy,” which – as Pope Francis has emphasized – may be discarded at whim in our throwaway culture.