Restoring the Sacred

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Matt Walsh: The Moral Relativism of Planned Parenthood Defenders

This Dec. 23, 2009, photo shows Dr. Earl B. Bradley’s office “BayBees” in Georgetown, Delaware. From the outside, Bradley’s office looked like a fun place to visit: a merry-go-round and miniature Ferris wheel twirled in the yard, a statue of Buzz Lightyear perched on the roof and a purple hippo swung from a sign. Prosecutors say the doctor’s office was a chamber of horrors where Bradley sexually abused scores of patients. (AP/Chuck Snyder)

Matt Walsh wrote yesterday at The Blaze perhaps his best essay (but that can be said about everyone of his essays).  This one was titled: Planned Parenthood Murders Children — None of Their Other ‘Services’ Matter.  In it he decries what anyone with half a brain (a description inapplicable to the defenders of these evildoers) can easily discern as moral relativism or worse.  He compares the treatment meted out to a Delaware doctor and pedophile, Earl B. Bradley, not long ago, with the treatment not being meted out to the operators of Planned Parenthood.  If, after reading the essay, you side with the defenders of these villains you will someday meet up with their CEO, Cecile Richards, unless she and you come to understand the importance of repentance - and it works for you.

The following clips are from the essay, but you can click on the above essay title and read the whole thing.
I lived in Delaware in 2010, a few miles from the pediatric offices of Dr. Earl Bradley. I’d never heard of him until the news started reporting that he’d been indicted on felony charges. His crime: raping more than a hundred of his patients. His youngest victims were no more than 3 or 4 months old. He was the worst serial pedophile in American history.
Bradley was convicted on all counts and sentenced to a century in solitary confinement. His practice had to pay out $100 million to his victims. His offices were shut down and demolished. Members of the community came and watched as the bulldozers trampled it into dust.
All of this despite the fact that, when he wasn’t sexually abusing his patients, he provided useful care. Perhaps he saved lives. It stands to reason he might have detected signs of cancer or other serious illnesses in children and referred them to specialists on any number of occasions. It’s certain that he did offer legitimate medical treatment to hundreds of kids. And he operated in a small beach town in a small state where the loss of the local pediatrician was a terrible inconvenience to many people.
...there were no discussions of whatever “good” the doctor might have done. No parents came forward to defend him. Nobody spoke up with stories about the times Bradley did other things besides sexually assault and exploit young children. Bradley had no apologists. It was as if everything he’d ever accomplished in his medical career and in his life didn’t matter because he raped toddlers. In fact most people assumed, probably correctly, that he really got into medicine so he’d have access to kids. Even the “good” medical services he provided were really meant as a way of attracting and conditioning new victims. Bradley was so bad that even his “good” was bad.
Now, do you know why nobody tried to rationalize for Bradley? Do you know why nobody talked about the “other stuff” he did? Do you know why nobody attempted to tabulate what percentage of his business was rape and what percentage was valuable medical care? Do you know why nobody worried that shutting down the rapist’s clinic might impede people’s access to medical services? Do you know why none of us locals ever argued that he should be prohibited from sexually brutalizing his patients but allowed to continue practicing medicine for the sake of public health? Because that would have been insane.
It would have been so morally repugnant, so disgusting, so idiotic, so depraved and repulsive and outrageous and psychotic, that anyone who breathed a word of such things would have been reasonably accused of being a pedophile or pedophile sympathizer. If you do what Bradley did, you go to prison forever and every trace of your existence and your work will be wiped from the face of the Earth, and nobody will care about what else you did. What remains — besides the tattered and destroyed lives you left in your wake — will be preserved as a testament to the horrors you committed.
Dr. Bradley is a monster, but he’s no worse than Planned Parenthood. Bradley molested a hundred kids. Planned Parenthood stabs, poisons, crushes and dismembers hundreds of thousands of kids a year. Yet, somehow, while not a single person anywhere in the country ever came close to suggesting that the “other stuff” Bradley did made up for the bad, millions of people make that argument for Planned Parenthood.
Leaving aside the vicious souls who outright justify the murder of innocent children, many Planned Parenthood defenders admit that abortion is wrong, that it takes a human life, but still insist the organization should remain open — and indeed receive federal funding — because of the “other stuff.” Think about how horrified and disgusted you’d be if someone took Bradley’s side by using the “look at the other stuff” argument. That’s how horrifying and disgusting it is to take Planned Parenthood’s side for the same reason...
...Liberals will respond that Planned Parenthood’s birth control dispensing is so important because it neutralizes the “need” for abortion. This is, like every abortion enthusiast argument, false. If birth control really prevented abortion, Planned Parenthood wouldn’t provide it. They couldn’t. It wouldn’t be a viable business model. It would be like a car dealership giving out bus passes. They’d be undercutting the very thing that keeps them in business...
...We don’t talk about how many kids Dr. Bradley didn’t rape. We don’t consider the “negatives” of shutting down a rape clinic and putting the rapist in prison forever. Dr. Bradley was a child predator, and that’s all he was, and that’s how he was treated, no matter what else he did or how often he did it. Period. End of story. That’s all.
Planned Parenthood likewise is a child predator, and that’s all it is, and that’s how it should be treated, no matter what else it does or how often it does it. Period. End of story. That’s all.