Restoring the Sacred

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Synod 2015: Traditional Catholics are The Prodigal Son's Brother

Two of the best thinkers and writers who regularly publish on The Catholic Thing, wrote today with their final impressions of the just completed Synod 2015 in Rome.

Professor Anthony Esolen's essay is entitled: "A Parable for the Synod," and is an astute response to the unfair, and unfounded, dispersions being cast from the Synod toward traditional Catholics: "People who try with all their hearts to honor the Church’s teachings on sex and marriage have been cast as the elder son in Jesus’ parable, who resents his brother, the penitent wastrel."

Fr. Mark Pilon, a priest in the diocese of Arlington, Virginia, offered his assessment in an essay entitled: "What a Strange Conclusion." Here's just a bit: "How did we arrive at the point where we are rejoicing that a Synod didn’t overthrow the teachings of the Church, and the Synod turned out to be much better than we had feared? That’s quite a commentary on the state of the Church today."

Interestingly, Fr. Pilon states that one of the most promising revelations at the Synod was the performance of the American Bishops "with one notable exception, and he was the first major U.S. appointment by our present pope."  Poor Francis Cardinal George (R.I.P.).  Remember his famous quote about how his successor would die in jail?  That's very much in doubt.

Finally, if you will click, HERE, you can read both essays.