Restoring the Sacred

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cass Sunstein on "Fairness"

That's Cass Sunstein, the White House Information Czar. He wants to regulate the Internet so that all us crazy right wing bloggers will have to include links to all those crazy left wing bloggers on our blog sites - and, he adds, vice versa. He actually goes further than that as you'll learn by reading this post from the Minnesotans for Global Warming Blog. Please make sure to watch the video.

An astute caller to Rush Limbaugh yesterday had a great idea as a follow-up to Czar Sunstein's ridiculous idea: Place a Conservative professor in every college class to give the opposing view to the one typically espoused by the ensconced liberal professor so students can be exposed to both sides. Don't look for Czar Sunstein to adopt that suggestion.

Sunstein taught at the University of Chicago Law School for 27 years (seem to recall someone else from this administration being affiliated with that school) and then moved on to Harvard Law School, where he is currently on leave since joining the Obama administration. That explains everything.

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