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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Mean It Wasn't A Tea Party Patriot?

Imagine the disappointment on the Left when it was announced that a foreign born terrorist had been arrested for the attempted car bombing of Times Square this past Saturday. Unless they can come up with some way to spin the story better than seems possible, they will not be able to weave the Tea Party Patriots into the plot. That's not to say they won't try. Bill Clinton must be on stand-by to reprise his condemnation of Rush Limbaugh and talk radio that he coined after the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in 1995, and if they attempt to make the arrested Pakistani-American (in their convoluted way) appear to be closer to a Timothy McVeigh than to an Osama bin Laden, don't be surprised.

In fact if they can find a photo-shopped likeness of Faisal Shahzad appearing to be in attendance at a Tea Party function, remember you heard it here first. Picture this guy at a Tea Party.

Here's the latest on the "suspect" from the new York Daily News (emphasis added).

A detailed profile of Faisal Shahzad is still taking shape. Law enforcement officials have released the following details:

- Shahzad, 30, maintained a residence in Bridgeport, Conn. FBI agents searched the home and removed several plastic bags from the two-story Colonial home.

- Neighbors report he claimed to work on Wall St.

- Shahzad has told investigators he acted alone, not on behalf of a larger terror organization.

- Law enforcement officials initially tracked Shahzad, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan, by recovering his number from the cell phone of the woman who sold him a Pathfinder SUV just weeks before the failed bomb attempt.

- Shahzad bought the SUV left in Times Square with stolen plates from a nearby junkyard, from a Connecticut woman three weeks ago. He reportedly paid $1,300.

- Sources said Shahzad left a loaded 9mm handgun with five full clips inside his car before heading for his flight.

- Officials said Shahzad's final destination was Pakistan. He spent several months there last year in the southern port city of Karachi, according to Pakistani media.

- Other reports, which could not be confirmed, said Shahzad also traveled to the city Peshawar, a hub of Taliban activity near the Afghan border.

Hold on now, the reports of his travel to Peshawar, a hub of Taliban activity, are unconfirmed, so don't go thinking the guy is a radical Muslim. And remember, not all Muslims are radical, that's why the majority of them living in this country are so quick to condemn the violent actions of the radicals who happen to practice their religion.

We have to have confidence that Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, and other "experts" in the Obama administration will get this whole thing sorted out, and will continue their "vigilance," which along with the vigilance of a truly patriotic street vendor saved the lives of a lot of people in Times Square Saturday night.

Make no mistake, the system did not work and obviously did not save any lives Saturday night. Numerous lives were saved and a tragedy was avoided thanks to Divine Providence and an alert 57 year old disabled Vietnam veteran, Lance L. Orton Sr, who sells T-Shirts on the street. Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and Janet Napolitano can talk all they want about how the system worked, but if you want to thank someone, thank God and Lance L. Orton, Sr (photo below).

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