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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Party of Big Oil? Guess!

One of the many myths of the Left has for some time been: the Republican Party is the Party of Big Oil. Remember how George W Bush took us to war in Iraq for oil? Once we won that war, you'll recall how we confiscated all the oil wells in that country, and raised American flags over them. That is why we're now paying 95 cents per gallon for gasoline here at home. Even though that myth has been totally exposed, the Left (read Democrat Party) continues to mouth the same mantra: Bush - Cheney - Halliburton - Big Oil, but now from the most surprising source, The Los Angeles Times, we have this column by Andrew Malcolm which actually presents us with facts that show the Republicans are not the only political party in debt to Big Oil.

Remember when it was reported, just after the Inauguration of his friend, that Rahm Emanuel had been living rent free for five years while a member of the U.S. House of representatives? What ever happened to that story anyway? Malcolm provides some interesting insights into Rahm's free apartment and how it puts him, if not in bed with Big Oil, certainly in their bed.

So the fact that President Obama received the largest single donation from BP, $77,051, is not the end of the story of the Left's relationship with Big Oil. Read the Andrew Malcolm article and see what you think.

H/T: bkmck
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