Sin is wicked, but when recognized as sin, man can repent, seek and receive redemption. But if the worldview fails to recognize sin for what it is, or worse, celebrates the sin as some form of grotesque virtue, repentance is not sought and redemption is lost. Even more concerning, this worldview does not limit itself to a solitary sin which hurts the perpetrator alone. Instead, it eagerly embraces and encourages a multitude of other sins which visit their wicked results upon others. ( Roman Catholic Bishop Stanislav Shyrokoradiuk of Kharkiv-Zaporizha)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Israel Provides Truth Through Humor

This video was pulled from You Tube already because of threatened lawsuits from you know who. There are several takes on the video and the pulling of it by You Tube on the web today. The one that tells the whole story and provides links to other sites' analyses is from Scott Johnson at Power Line.

The cowardly action by You Tube will no doubt cause the video (saved on other sources) to go viral in a matter of days. Let's hope!

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