Synod 2015

Synod 2015
"“Non possumus!” I will not accept an obfuscated speech nor a skilfully masked back door to a profanation of the Sacrament of Marriage and Eucharist. Likewise, I will not accept a mockery of the Sixth Commandment of God. I prefer to be ridiculed and persecuted rather than to accept ambiguous texts and insincere methods. I prefer the crystalline “image of Christ the Truth, rather than the image of the fox ornamented with gemstones” (Saint Irenaeus), for “I know whom I have believed”, “Scio, Cui credidi!” (2 Tim 1: 12). (Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Synod 2015)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Did Those on the Left Not Hear Joe Biden?

Joe Biden calls the Republican party a bunch of terrorists on the very day that Gabby Giffords is casting her first vote in Congress since being shot in the head (after which Obama had given a speech calling for civility, a new tone, and no more martial metaphors), and the Left wing media gives him (Biden) yet another pass. Such media bias should upset every fair minded citizen, and it got National Review's Johah Goldberg more than upset. He spells it out in this post to The Corner on National Review Online.

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