Restoring the Sacred

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Words of Relevance: Fr. James Schall: Do What You are Doing

James Vincent Schall, S.J. (born January 20, 1928), writing today on the Blog of The Catholic World Report, tells of being teased by a fellow priest in the rectory on January 12th, the day of the announcement of additions to the Cardinalate by Pope Francis: “Well, Schall, I see you didn’t make it again.”

Of course Fr. Schall, who never misses an opportunity to teach, replied with our quote of the day.

Here's the quote:
We cannot go through life “missing” the things we were never cut out for in the first place. St. Ignatius, I believe, has a phrase that advises us to “agree quod agis—do what you are doing.” It has the implication that we are to try to do it well, even if we are not cardinals.