Restoring the Sacred

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Words of Relevance: Fr. Schall: Redistribution & Production

We could quote Fr. Schall every day (we did in our last post) because he is one of the most prolific, and relevant, of Catholic writers.

Today while reading one of his latest books: Another Sort of Learning,
today's quote was found in Chapter 14: "The Recovery of Permanent Things." 

In discussing the often ignored relationship between production and redistribution, Fr. Schall provides extremely relevant information to those consumed by the concept of social justice without realizing how unjust their social justice can be.

Here's the quote:
We go toward redistribution as if the problems of production and their relations to justice and benevolence have somehow disappeared.  Paul's (St.Paul) "If a man will not work, neither let him eat" has been replaced by a sort of secular version of the old Communion Antiphon, "Take and receive."…Clearly we do not understand, as P.T. Bauer has remarked, that "profit" is earned.  Distribution follows production and does not exist outside of it.