Restoring the Sacred

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Words of Relevance: John Henry Newman: Evil and the World

The Catholic Thing Blog today posted one of the always extraordinary sermons of John Henry Cardinal Newman.  Their post is "Adapted from No. 7 of Sermons on Subjects of the Day."

Newman, writing almost two centuries ago, clearly points out a problem that, if anything, has been exacerbated by our culture today.

Here's the quote:
"The one peculiar and characteristic sin of the world is this, that whereas God would have us live for the life to come, the world would make us live for this life. . . .not for the next. It takes, as the main scope of human exertion, an end which God forbids; and consequently all that it does becomes evil, because directed to a wrong end. . . 
"The world has many sins, but its peculiar offence is that of daring to reason contrary to God’s Word and will. It puts wrong aims before itself, and acts towards them. It goes wrong as if on principle, and prefers its own way of viewing things to God’s way…"