Restoring the Sacred

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ann Barnhardt: A Woman of Strength

That's Ann Barnhardt, who understands the U.S. Constitution (especially the First Amendment) a lot better than Senator Lindsey Graham (he who was almost attached to John McCain during our last presidential election campaign). I posted this piece about Ann back in April 2010 and it got over 500 hits this past week. I couldn't understand the sudden interest in that post until being sent this post on PajamasMedia today. You really don't have to read the whole PajamsMedia post, but if you do nothing else today, please watch both videos on the post and then click on this post from and read the interview of Ann there.

If you're not aware of the ridiculous statements made last week by Senator Graham and General David Petraeus, you'll get the idea pretty clearly by watching the videos and reading Ann's interview. It should be noted that I previously posted the hope that General Petraeus would someday run for president. Please forgive me for that premature assessment. I agree totally with Ann's characterization of him as stated in her interview.

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