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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paul Ryan 3; Barack Obama 0

Joel B. Pollak was keeping score in the three debates between Barack Obama and Paul Ryan this year, and posted the results today on BigGovernment.Com.

First, he won the health care debate handily. President Obama had no answer to Paul Ryan’s charge that ObamaCare double-counted the $500 billion “savings” it had cut from Medicare to spend elsewhere. Later, even Obama’s own head of Health and Human Services had to admit that Ryan was right.

Then Ryan won the debate over the budget and the economy. His 2012 budget, which was the first in modern political history to tackle the fundamental causes of America’s long-term public debt, was so much better than Obama’s that the President asked for a “do-over.” Yesterday, he flubbed that chance.

In the foreign policy debate, Ryan has won by forfeit. (To be fair, almost anyone, aside from the tiny isolationist minority inside both parties, would defeat the President’s policy of appeasement and incoherence, which has drastically reduced American power and strengthened our enemies.)

What is even more remarkable about Rep. Ryan’s victories in these debates is that he has been able to bring the rest of the country along with him on some of the most controversial and consequential issues facing our Republic, arguing from conservative principles that the left had once dared the GOP to try.

You can read Pollak's whole post by clicking here. Be sure to watch the video of Ryan at "The Bipartisan White House Summit on Deficit Reduction."

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