Restoring the Sacred

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Michael Ramirez exposes "extreme" rhetoric on budget cuts

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Thanks to Michael Ramirez, political cartoonist, for demonstrating with visual acuity just how "extreme" (according to Chuck Schumer and other duplicitous Democrats) the proposed Republican cuts in the $1.65 trillion deficit in Obama's proposed spending plan actually are.

As anyone can see, the Democrats have (reluctantly) proposed cuts amounting to 0.86 % of the deficit spending; Republicans have proposed cuts amounting to 1.59 % of the deficit spending. Do the math! For this minuscule difference, Schumer and friends are looking forward to, with great relish, the so-called "government shutdown" (which as we should all know by now is not nearly as ominous as it sounds), which they will gleefully blame on the recalcitrant Republicans.

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