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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cancer Causing Light Bulbs?

The Telegraph published a piece today about the soon-to-be mandated compact fluorescent light bulbs, and how they could cause a series of maladies - including cancer. Just what we need in our homes: yet another cancer causing element.

Some clips:

Fears have been reignited about the safety of energy saving light bulbs after a group of scientists warned that they contain cancer causing chemicals.
Scientists claim that several carcinogenic chemicals are released when energy saving light bulbs are switched on.

Their report advises that the bulbs should not be left on for extended periods, particularly near someone’s head, as they emit poisonous materials when switched on.
Peter Braun, who carried out the tests at the Berlin's Alab Laboratory, said: “For such carcinogenic substances it is important they are kept as far away as possible from the human environment.”

The latest report follows claims by Abraham Haim, a professor of biology at Haifa University in Israel, that the bulbs could result in higher breast cancer rates if used late at night.
He said that the bluer light that CFLs emitted closely mimicked daylight, disrupting the body's production of the hormone melatonin more than older-style filament bulbs, which cast a yellower light.
The Migraine Action Association has warned that they could trigger migraines and skin care specialists have claimed that their intense light could exacerbate a range of existing skin problems.

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Energy saving light bulbs 'contain cancer causing chemicals'

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