Restoring the Sacred

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Retired Marine on The Desecration of the White House

Received today via email from a close personal friend and Vietnam veteran:
From an angry retired Marine:
Subject: White House, buildings across the country light up in rainbow colors to celebrate gay rights
I must confess that this subject is getting old.  When I first saw the picture of the White House in the Rainbow colors I just thought it was a joke.  Then I realized they were really doing this.... Must have had the lights, color filters etc all ready to go.      
How many times before has the White House been illuminated for any reason?  I don't think I have ever seen it or been aware. I know that there was some black bunting after Lincoln's assassination.  
 I have never seen it red and gold for the USMC birthday or awash in pink for breast cancer.  I've never seen it in green and red for Christmas or red white and blue for the forth of July. It wasn't blue and green when the Seahawks won the super bowl.  And, that is as it should be.  The White House is an icon known the world over. It is timeless and should exude dignity, grace,  class and style as the centuries old home of the President of the United States.  
From time to time some classless bastards have occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Some have had affairs there, some have had some parties that are best not spoken of, one received oral sex from an intern in the Oval Office (how often we'll never know).  Some have had state dinners and awards ceremonies under its roof for some unsavory characters.     
The current occupant had the bad manners to put his feet up on furniture that are priceless historic pieces.  He just doesn't know better because he was never taught, I guess.  But, growing up in Malaysia I am sure he was taught not to present the soles of his shoes to others. 
But, we've never seen anything like this.  To bathe the White House in the garish colors of the most outspoken of the GLBT movement, like a cheap bumper sticker is classless and crude. A classic "in your face" move worthy of a stunt in a B rated teenage movie.  The perfect topper for a crass movement that was willing to go to any lengths to gain publicity.  For shame, for shame.  The White House as a bill board.  What is next?  Perhaps the White House in the colors of the Mexican Flag when immigration reforms fail again and another Presidential Executive Order substitutes for the law.  Or the colors of the Iranian Flag to celebrate our negotiations that insure they will never have nuclear weapons? 
One sad farce follows another in our delusional society where one bad idea follows another and we set the stage for our own demise.  At least we won't bow out with class.  We'll go out like so much tacky, cheap garbage.