Restoring the Sacred

Friday, July 31, 2015

John Steel Gordon: The Anti-Science Certitude of Global Warming

John Steele Gordon wrote an essay in today's Wall Street Journal in which he reflects on the Liberal meme: "the science is settled," and wonders how that would have worked in the days of the Greek philosopher Aristarchus, whose belief in "a heliocentric model of the solar system" in the third century B.C. was overridden by Ptolemy's geocentric model a century later, and finally resolved satisfactorily in the mid-19th century.

Gordon provides other compelling examples from history proving, unequivocally, that science is constantly evolving, and wonders why, as so many questions remain unanswered, are "many climate scientists, politicians - and the Left generally- so anxious to lock down the science of climatology and engage in protracted name-calling."  He hazards the following guess:
If anthropogenic climate change is a reality, then that would be a huge problem only government could deal with. It would be a heaven-sent opportunity for the left to vastly increase government control over the economy and the personal lives of citizens.  
You can read the entire Gordon essay by clicking HERE.