Restoring the Sacred

Friday, July 3, 2015

Taylor Marshall: 10 Radical Ways Catholics Can Reclaim Marriage

Taylor Marshall offered 10 Radical Ways Catholics Can Reclaim Marriage on his blog recently.
"Have no doubt about it. The legalization of same-sex marriage will change the legal status of matrimony for traditional heterosexuals. This will happen through the courts over the next several years."
You can read his entire post by clicking on the above link, but herewith his 10 ideas:
(1) Start using the term “Holy Matrimony”
(2) We must encourage Catholic Church to officially declare ex cathedra that our Holy Matrimony is a sacrament between a man and a woman
(3) The Catholic Church should consider all Western marriages “dubious” since most contemporary married people are generally lacking formal and material intent. 
(4) The Catholic Church has traditionally and charitably presumed that Protestant marriages are valid and even sacramental. The Catholic Church should rescind this presumption since most Protestant denominations believe in divorce and remarraige…and now same-sex marriage. 
(5) All Catholic marriage prep should end with a video recording of the male and the female to be married in which both personally articulate the Catholic teaching about matrimony, monogamy, indissolubility, procreation and contraception, and heterosexuality.
(6) Casual pre-marital sex should be seen as an impediment to Holy Matrimony.
(7) Recapture Holy Matrimony as a church event and this means we need to distance ourselves from the pomp of the afterparty, flowers, cake, guests, etc.
(8) We need to decouple civil marriage from Sacramental Holy Matrimony. 
(9) Hang on to your Catholic vocabulary. If you have a gay co-worker who is “married” don’t call his partner a “husband” and don’t call his union a “marriage.”
(10) Do not attend marriages that are not really marriages.