Restoring the Sacred

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nigerian Bishops on The Propagation and Globalization of the Homosexual Lifestyle

From the Catholic World Report yesterday on the recently released statement by the Nigerian bishops:
The statement remarks on the recent vote in Ireland and the SCOTUS decision and warns of the influence Western countries have on Nigerian leaders and citizens
Here's a quote to remember from the statement:
On our part we hereby re-emphasize that Marriage is the sacred union of one man and one woman for the begetting and care of children. It forms the core of the family which is the bedrock and foundational cell of our civilization and as such it is sanctioned by God, upheld by our culture, celebrated in our society and protected by our government.  The family deserves the protection from all civilized institutions as it predates society and is not subject to it. So our role is to promote it, protect it and preserve it at a time like this when many countries have unfortunately chosen a different path. 

You can read the entire statement by clicking HERE: