Fr. Schall on Mercy

Fr. Schall on Mercy
"Mercy is a response to the repentant. It does not change the unrepentant. It often hardens them. Technically, mercy extends to sin of whatever kind or species. But mercy does not forgive. God in His mercy forgives. Mercy is contingent on the sinner’s acknowledgement that he is responsible for something objectively wrong in his acts or thoughts." (Fr. James V. Schall S. J.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fact Checking the White House

Fact Checking the White House: Congressmen Did Opt Out of Public Option -The Foundry

The Heritage Foundation is on top of the health care debate more than any other organization. The video in the above link discusses yet another, shall we say, misstatement by a White House official concerning health care reform. The spokesman is Linda Douglass. Remember her? She's the one who wanted you to report anything "fishy" you might have heard about Obamacare (from friends or neighbors) to her at the White House.

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