Sin is wicked, but when recognized as sin, man can repent, seek and receive redemption. But if the worldview fails to recognize sin for what it is, or worse, celebrates the sin as some form of grotesque virtue, repentance is not sought and redemption is lost. Even more concerning, this worldview does not limit itself to a solitary sin which hurts the perpetrator alone. Instead, it eagerly embraces and encourages a multitude of other sins which visit their wicked results upon others. ( Roman Catholic Bishop Stanislav Shyrokoradiuk of Kharkiv-Zaporizha)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sundays are for Beauty - Bach

That's the Freiburg (Germany) Baroque Orchestra performing J. S. Bach's third Brandenburg Concerto. He wrote six of them and they are widely regarded as among the finest musical compositions of the Baroque era. Most readers of this Blog are very familiar with the second, which served as the theme for William F. Buckley's Firing Line debate show on PBS for so many years.

The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra has been in existence since 1987, and performs around the world. This chamber ensemble is a specialty, and even if you prefer horns to strings (as I do, but I love that harpsichord), you have to admit they make beautiful music. Have a beautiful Sunday.