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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Words of Relevance: George Weigel

Time to get back in the game after a hiatus of some eight months caused by melancholia bordering on despair over the election results of November 2012.   We'll be trying a new simple format aimed at alerting readers to important quotes (that might have gone unnoticed by readers of the mainstream media), most of which will be positive in content and tone.  Since such quotes might prove difficult to find every day, there will be some that remind us just how perilous are these times - especially for Christians and other believers in religious freedom.

Today's quote is from George Weigel, in a piece he posted at "First Things" today, entitled: "Continuing to Fight for Marriage."

Here's the quote, which totally deconstructs the main thesis of the majority decision in the DOMA case:

"Our opponents have been given high-caliber rhetorical weapons to launch against us; we need not doubt that they will. And if some way isn’t found to counter that false analogy between racial bigotry and marriage rightly understood, we are not going to win many state-level battles in this period when we’re permitted to conduct them."

It is more than ironic that a man who calls himself a Catholic (Justice Kennedy) would write a majority opinion that labels as "bigots and enemies of civility" those members of his own Church who follow the teachings of that Church.

Adjutorium Nostrum in Nomine Domini!

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