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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Words of Relevance: Austin Ruse, "Letter from Moscow"

Austin Ruse, he who introduced us to Brendan Kelly a few posts back, may be on to something.  In his latest post on The Catholic Thing, entitled, Letter from Moscow, Ruse states: What I know is a religious revival is going on in Russia. And the Orthodox Church is leading it.  He provides some concrete examples and commentary:
Russian Railways czar Vladimir Yakunin, whom I met with, recently engineered a visit to Russia of the True Cross of St Andrew.   Five-hour lines in the rain awaited anyone wanting to venerate it. Happily, Yakunin arranged for me to cut the line. 
I met also with young tech billionaire Konstantin Malofeev whose office is festooned with religious icons. He is working to bring Russian Orthodox and U.S. Christians closer together. 
Malofeev and many other Russians see themselves as a Christian nation sent to help other Christians around the world. For them, at least, that’s why they support the Assad regime; he’s better for Syria’s Orthodox Christians. 
He wonders if some sort of grand global alliance between the Orthodox and Catholics can be achieved and what effect that might have on the global culture war advanced by the sexual left. I wonder, too. 
The global conversation is religious. Seculars may dominate the West. But beyond, they are not really in the picture, except insofar as they can impose their ideology through international institutions and development assistance (think United Nations).
Our voices could be much more powerful if we make common cause with those who many seem to have a vested interest in silencing.
Ruse goes on to lament the undeniable fact that Russia is a nation more into prayer than our own country, yet it's Russia that is under the United Nations microscope for recently passed laws aimed at stopping the advance of the homosexual agenda.

Here's the quote:
"America is now leading an initiative to spread the homosexual agenda globally. We are appointing openly gay ambassadors among traditional peoples. The Dominicans are up in arms about this. And it’s a U.S. foreign policy priority to advance the gay agenda whenever possible. We hold gay parties at embassies, even in places, like Pakistan, where it offends. 
"But Russia is under the microscope of human rights and homosexual activists for recent laws meant to curb the homosexual advance. The Russian Duma (parliament) almost unanimously passed a law banning homosexual propaganda aimed at school children and public manifestations like parades." 

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