Restoring the Sacred

Monday, July 15, 2013

Words of Relevance: Roger Kimball

Roger Kimball, editor and publisher of “The New Criterion,” in his latest book: The Fortunes of Permanence: Culture and Anarchy in an Age of Amnesia (June 2012), addressed the problem of public (government) education, and the resultant rise of home-schooling.

Here’s the quote:

Only a few years ago, it was a fringe phenomenon, allied almost exclusively to certain conservative evangelical sects.  Today, home schoolers come from every religious and social background.  In 1990-1991, 76,000 children were home-schooled.  The estimate for 2011 is more than 2 million.  That explosion is not only evidence of disenchantment with the intellectual failure of public schools: much more it betokens disenchantment with the moral tenor of public education.

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