Restoring the Sacred

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Words of Relevance: Leandro Martins

That's Leandro Martins embracing Pope Francis yesterday, after being invited to attend the Pope's private morning Mass at the Vatican.  Martin's story is one that should be published widely, but won't; it's too uplifting.  You can read an account published today on   The Moynihan Letters.  It's not long.  One has to be pretty selective in choosing a favorite quote from such an account, but I have one.

Here's the quote:

"What I found interesting was that after Mass was over the Pope came out and sat by himself. That surprised me. Then I thought I was not going to have a chance to meet him, but Monsignor Alfred brought me outside the chapel and we met and talked. What surprised me was the simplicity of the chapel. It's so simple. He's a simple man and everything is simple there. In these days of ostentation, where having stuff and being someone is more important than things that really matter, he speaks to people like me, he offers a different vision."

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